Lossless Antonin Dvorak - Sextet in A major op.48 (2011) (Vinyl) FLAC (tracks) music download


Antonin Dvorak - Sextet in A major op.48 (2011) (Vinyl) FLAC (tracks)
Artist: Antonin Dvorak | Album: Sextet in A major op.48 | Released: 2011 | Genre: Classical | Country: Czech | Duration: 00:33:54

The LP had its heyday in the late 1950s and the 1960s. It still enjoys a great deal of popularity, which has increased again in recent years. The reasons for this include:

its vital, warm sound
the (analogue) uniqueness of each copy from a series
the nostalgic feelings it evokes and historical interest
the material and its optical qualities.

All our currently available LPs were produced exclusively using the “Tube Only” technology which was developed by TACET, in other words with valve (or tube) microphones and valve amplifiers, recorders and cutting equipment. The cutting is done by hand with scissors and adhesive tape. The most important microphones we use also date from this era: The “U47” was developed by Neumann in 1947, the “M49” in 1949. And the many V72 amplifiers, the components of the tape equipment etc. also originate from the time when LP was at the height of its success. All LPs sold are 180g in weight and come with a great deal of interesting information and photos.

We have always been especially pleased to receive so much feedback about our Tube Only productions. This motivates us even more to keep working with this technology and rescue it from oblivion. People have told us that the music sounds warmer, without losing any of its TACET brilliance. The timbres glow more. We have also heard that people have the impression of a more homogeneous sound, whatever that is meant to be. So let everyone listen to their own hearts and to the Tube Only recordings and feel something special! Even the sheer joy of this slightly nostalgic outstanding technology can be reason enough to like these productions. Yet what would it all be without the wonderful work of the artists!


01. Antonin Dvorak - Allegro Moderato (14:05)
02. Antonin Dvorak - Dumca (Elegie). Poco allegretto (6:56)
03. Antonin Dvorak - Furiant. Presto (4:22)
04. Antonin Dvorak - Finale. Tema con variazioni. Allegreto grazioso, quasi andantino (8:31)

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